We do not just promise, we deliver




Our mission is to provide, through competent people and systems, innovative, 
tailor-made people and financial solutions on a personalised basis. 


Gentax is a company specialising in all sectors of the commercial environment. 
Operating as a one-stop shop, offering a full range of  tax and 
other related services. The leadership team consists of dynamic, innovative individuals. 
The employees consist of highly skilled professionals, who are driven by incentive scheme 
to ensure superior client service. At Gentax we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the changes in the tax 
environments. By setting and maintaining high ethical standards, Gentax is able to acquire and retain the 
trust of both client and staff, both of whom are considered essential elements of our business success. 


Innovation and readiness to change: we believe that only by encouraging innovation and 
readiness to change will it be able to meet the needs of our clients and in so doing contribute to 
achieving our vision and mission.

Client orientation: we believe in treating the client as the key factor in the business. We believe 
in doing this and by providing for the personal and financial needs of the client, we will be able 
to grow economically and in stature in the national business community.

Rewards for achievement: we believe that individuals and teams should be rewarded 
appropriately for achieving success, particularly that which contributes to the vision and 
mission. Ethical standards: we believe that only by setting and maintaining high ethical standards 
will we be able to acquire and retain the trust of our national wide based clientele. 


Our vision will be successful when it is nationally recognised as an innovative, profitable 
and customer-oriented company using teamwork to continually improve products and 
services and staffed by an effective and professional workforce